Overwhelmed? Drowning in big data? 
No project too big or too small.

You've come to the right place.  We extract hidden information from large, distributed databases and data lakes, in Cloud or on premises. We have decades of experience with nearly every technology in the market and can help you gain critical insights from your data, remove risks, improve data quality and make imponderable trade-off's and hard decisions with confidence.   

Performant Systems was founded in 2010 in Australia, and has been helping customers succeed ever since. In 2021, we moved to the US.

Performant Systems

Optimal Decisions

Whether you are a large corporation deploying a new AI-driven smart system, a multinational rolling out a Cloud-based solution, or a small start-up intent on changing the world, we can help.  

We provide the experience to give you the confidence you should have before embarking on a new project, or rescuing one that is in strife. We take the worry out of your workload so you can focus on what happens after you succeed.